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First impressions at CES 2006 (Mike) January 7, 2006

Posted by techkrazy in CES 2006, Technology Trends.
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A taxing day, it was. We woke up at 4am, to catch our super, super early 6:10am flight out to LV. Because of car rental problems, hotel delays, and a good 2 hour power nap, we didn’t make it to the CES show until 2pm. Given our high levels of fatigue, our first day was dedicated purely to the collection of magazines, business cards, etc. By the end of the day, we were carrying about 30lbs each, and had extremely painful feet. Here are some of my first impressions, day #2 will be a lot more in depth.

  • On the plane, walking through the aisles, we saw about 8 people using their treos and a slew of others using a smartphone.
  • All throughout the CES show, there were thinkpads and powerbooks galore.
  • MONSTER cable debuts their earphones/plugs line, making their first foray into the non-cable world. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t recall
  • Intel Viiv! Intel Viiv! Intel Viiv! Hot off their new logo, Intel, by far and away, probably had the biggest presence in Las Vegas. What Intel Centrino did for the mobile computing industry, Intel Viiv will do exactly the same for the digital home industry. A plethora of new audio/video products will follow suit.
  • 2005 was the year of wireless. 2006 will be the year of the digital home.
  • No magazine racks!!!! Maybe we missed it, maybe we didn’t, but we couldn’t find the traditional wall full of magazines. Instead, the magazines were distributed at their respective booths, making it highly inconvenient for people like us.
  • Many people, many normal people will be purchasing plasmas, lcds, and high quality televisions or projectors at a fractional price in 06. I will be one of them, and so will YOU.
  • 102″ plasmas, 103″ plasmas. The race for the biggest plasma screen continues.
  • Crowds, crowds, crowds. This was by far the biggest convention yet, swarms of people everywhere and anywhere.
  • The setting for a digital mobile and cellular explosion has been established. 3G is here. 3G is now.
  • HD has finally broke into the mainstream barrier. Getting and dispersing HD content has never been easier.

More to come…